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“To make art I had to reflect on reality.”
— Nipsey Hussle

About Kelechi Ohiri Photography

I pick up my camera for two reasons. First, I’m a sucker for the art of composing a compelling photo. 

More importantly, I am all about human connection and love bringing bravery and vulnerability into life’s most emotional moments.

Beyond just a great photo, my goal is to help create an environment where you feel your most bold, most powerful, and most vulnerable so we can capture the most genuine moments possible.

I love a timeless pose but the good stuff lies in those fleeting moments that lead to the feelings we will never forget but the little details that we may otherwise not remember. Thats what I’m here to find. That’s why I do it.

So I’ll climb a mountain, hop on a plane, or pull over on the side of the road to find it with you.

I am not for everyone. I am not classically or professionally trained. I’m here for feelings and take on sessions that inspire me. I love chasing the sun and only take photos using natural light. I’ll bring a speaker to your session and crack jokes in between shots. I’ll fix your hair for you and hand you a tissue to blow your nose. I’ll get super excited when we capture a phenomenal moment on camera. Consider me your girl from around the way that’s crafty with a camera!

If you are someone who feels that energy, I'd love to work with you!


About Kelechi Ohiri


I’m a San Diego born and Sacramento raised California girl that is soaking up my Cali summer before moving across the country to Massachusetts for grad school.

Very few things make me happier than indoor plants, talking about education, or taking long road trips with my doggo - Kaia Papaya.

I am an education scholar, a Blackademic if you will, and also the founder of The Blackademic and a shea based skin care line called Earth + Shea.

When I’m not chasing the sunlight with my camera in hand or otherwise being a girl boss, you can find me in community serving, learning, teaching, or eating with my folks.